Benefits Of Using White Noise Machines

Benefits Of Using White Noise Machines

People widely use a white noise machine to block unwanted noise and create a calm and relaxing environment. those devices potentially promote more restful sleep for kids and adults alike. this made white noise machines in high demand globally because of their benefits and array of features.

If you are thinking of buying a white noise machine and would like to know more about it, this post is for you! Here we will discuss what is a white noise machine and how it can help you sleep better.

What Is A White Noise Machine? 

A white noise machine is a device used to produce a mixture of all audible sounds ranging from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. some come with a soft light to help create a calm ambience. Therefore, they became a favorite now for many users  for calming hyperactive minds and helping kids and adults have a peaceful and restful sleep.

Where Can You Use A White Noise Machine?

White noise machines produce a sound that helps people concentrate and prevent you from the unwanted environmental noises. For example, when you are in a silent room, you can easily hear the sound of a truck passing by or an object falling on the floor or the building site next door. 

However, when you are listening to white noise, all the other noises get masked, thus, reducing the impact of the loud noises. You can use white noise machines as:

A sleeping Aid

It is very common for people to use sound machines for sleeping well and waking up with a fresh mind. Children and grown-ups who have difficulty sleeping can use this machine to reap the benefits of white noise in their environment.

Our current busy lives makes it difficult at times to drift easily into a peaceful sleep, and many people take a very long time trying to relax and fall asleep, those machines have proven to help with that by cutting down the time needed to relax and fall asleep.

For Babies

Baby Sleeping Aid

Before birth, babies hear a mixture of many noises such as the mothers heartbeat, digestion, respiration in the form of a white noise inside the womb. Therefore, many parents rely on sound machines for sleep or baby soother machines to create a pleasant and somehow familiar environment for the baby to adjust after being born. 

With some machines being light weight and portable, Babies can enjoy a restful sleep whenever they are with their parents in cars, malls, parks and many other environments.

For ADD and ADHD Patients

People with ADHD find it hard to focus and pay attention to one thing. This is because they are highly distracted by the outside noise. Therefore, white noise machines are used for creating a calm environment for ADD and ADHD patients so that they can carry out their activities calmly without any outside noise distracting or annoying them. 

Tinnitus Patients

Tinnitus is a condition where people hear buzzing or ringing sounds in a quiet room. It distracts them from doing regular chores such as studying, sleeping, etc. Thus, white noise machines create a helpful environment for them to reduce the impact of tinnitus and prevent triggering anxiety. 

White noise machines are famous for reducing anxiety by blocking unwanted noises in your room. focusing on the pleasant natural sounds generated digitally ensures a more relaxed state, that's one of the reasons why white sounds tend to calm your mind before going to sleep. 

People today spend too long in loud environments such as offices, public transport, retail stores, etc. this has created the need for such an impactful tool to reduce anxiety and help the mind relax. However, it should not be operated as an alternative to any medication. 

What To Consider When Buying A White Noise Machine? 

White noise machines are available in different designs and offer vast features for people to choose from as per their requirements and budget. 

Using a white noise machine to sleep can truly make a difference in your life and here we will help you with a few points to consider when choosing the right machine for you. 


In a white noise machine, volume plays a vital role in creating the right atmosphere to find peace in. Therefore, the sound machine you choose must allow you to adjust the volume. 

It should neither be very loud nor muted . Ensure that you can keep the volume below 50 decibels. In addition, if you are buying this for a baby, keep in mind your babies are not exposed to a volume of more than 50 decibels. 

Clean Loop 

Most compact white noise machines play prerecorded sounds; therefore, you should ensure that choosing one has a neat loop feature. A neat loop feature allows the recording to play one after another without the person listening noticing the track change. It is an important feature to note because you could jolt out of your sleep without the clean loop feature. 

Portability and Ease of Use

Portable Nursing Light

When choosing a white noise machine for adults, you have to ensure that they are easy to use, and have access to LED lights, a timer to keep it at auto-shutdown, etc. These features are important when you plan to use the device every night for procuring a sound sleep.

Another important feature is portability. Some people like to have the device around when they sleep; therefore, buying a portable device will help. So, if you are travelling, the best option can be a compact portable device.

This also is very important for the little ones as we never know where they may sleep, it may be in the car or while shopping so having a light weight, compact and portable device is key to be able to grab it and have it for them whenever they start to feel sleepy.

Wrapping Up:

Our modern fast paced life makes us surrounded by loud noises and different stimulants. traffic noise, machines ticking, keyboard typing, constant notification sounds, etc., all these keep our minds occupied all the time. Thus, there is a rising need for a device to curb all the outside noises and offer a peaceful environment.

White noise machines are designed to generate sounds that can help in reducing anxiety and helping us relax by masking and blocking unwanted outside noises. You can also use this device if you have a hard time sleeping well or have a baby who cries to fall asleep. Besides, it helps reduce the impact of ADHD symptoms and Tinnitus in some cases.

If you are looking for one of the best white noise machines that combine all the features above and comes at a great price, Check out SmileyBubblyBabies collection!

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