3 Tried and Tested Methods to Get your Baby to Sleep Better

3 Tried and Tested Methods to Get your Baby to Sleep Better

Getting your newborn to settle into a sleeping routine can be tough and full of trial and error, but there are multiple ways to ease your baby into a comfortable and repetitive sleeping pattern.

All new parents struggle and face a number of frustrations to get to this stage, so If you are looking for tried and tested ways to do that, you're at the right place, keep reading on as we are confident this article is going to help you as it helped us 😊

Ways to help your baby sleep

To start we need address the issue of babies’ sensitivity to light, we need to make sure they feel and can differentiate between day and night, and for this, you need to keep all the blinds open during the day so that more and more natural light fills your space. In contrast, keep everything as dark as possible at night. 

If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night. be patient and check if they can settle and get back to sleep on their own, make sure their bed doesn’t have any toys or anything that can get them excited, keep the ambiance calm and check if they need a diaper change. 

Sometimes babies wake up at night because they feel hungry, to address that, make sure they had a good feed an hour or so before going to bed, this will keep them full and help them have an uninterrupted sleep.

There are also a few tips and tricks to try if you are a new parent and is stressed about the clash between your baby’s sleeping schedule and yours. these highly recommended three methods we listed below will help soothe your baby back to sleep so that you can also enjoy a restful sleep and feel refreshed for a new day of fun and play with them.


Method 1. Warm Showers (Works Miraculously)

A warm shower almost an hour before your baby hits the sack can really make a difference. According to the National Sleep Foundation, cleansing the body and face before sleeping tends to give a consistent and relaxed sleep and warm baths specifically make babies drift off to slumber easily.

The body's internal clocks spur a fall in body temperature an hour before we go to sleep. This body temperature continues to drop at night. So, in the case of babies, a warm shower facilitates the body's natural flow into sleep by decreasing the body temperature. In addition, immersing in warm water tends to direct the blood flow to the palms and soles of feet to dissipate heat from the body.

A pre-bedtime shower also makes one sleepy. Therefore, it is advised to make your newborn shower at least an hour or two before bedtime so that it encourages the body's ability to fall and stay asleep. An immediate shower just before bed may not work as the soup and bubble and the whole experience may excite them.

Researchers recommend showering your baby with warm water with a temperature range of 36 to 38 degrees    Celsius at least one or two hours before bedtime. 

Best way to do it? Mums swear by this technique. First, float your bub in a warm bath and let them relax. It offers them womb-like environment where they used to soothe all the time. then, sing them melodious or some relaxing tunes (more on that later) and see them enjoying this comforting experience.


Method 2. Massage Your Newborn Gently

Baby White Noise machine for massage

Another trick to make your babies sleep fast is to massage them. This trick is trending all over the Internet. First, a TikTok account shared this, and since then, everyone has been curious to know if it actually works. So, let's know the steps of this massage technique.

  1. Glide index finger from forehead to nose.
  2. Gently rub eyebrows from inside direction to outside direction.

Repeat these two steps multiple times till the baby sleeps. If you are worried about whether the trick works or not, don't worry, the tricks have been shared by a professional certified baby massager.

Method 3. Use a Baby White Noise Machine

The baby white noise machine is being widely used by many to block unwanted noises and create a calm and peaceful ambiance. Additionally, it promotes restful sleep for kids and adults alike. 

The baby white noise machine produces a blend of audible sounds, ranging from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. Some machines are fitted with soft lights to provide an extra soothing ambience. It is perfect for calming the hyperactive minds that infants have.

The tool works on the principle that when you hear white noise, all other noises get masked, and hence the impact of other noises is reduced. Thus, a baby white noise machine can be used for multiple reasons, like a sleeping aid for babies, adults, and even has shown great results on insomniacs. 

Try our Smileybubblybaby baby white noise machine, it is made of superior quality from FDA approved food grade soft touch silicone, features seven natural soothing sounds that mask and block background noises. and being designed and built specifically with the little ones in mind It is equipped with an inbuilt Smart Cry Sensor Technology that activates the device automatically once the baby starts crying to sooth them back to sleep.

Additionally, it has a soft dimmable light to comfort your cutie in the dark and help you when nursing at night. It is light weight, portable, durable and USB rechargeable so you never have to worry about replacing batteries or batteries laying around your baby.

smileybubblybaby white noise machine


The Bottomline

Parenting is a blessing that comes with some challenges. Helping your baby settle into a comfortable sleeping routine will help them grow healthier and help you maintain a relaxing sleeping schedule.
in this article we listed tried and tested methods to help you baby sleep better, we tried them ourselves, we saw them working, and we hope they work for you too.

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