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SmileyBubblyBaby White Noise Baby Soother Nursing Light Machine

SmileyBubblyBaby White Noise Baby Soother Nursing Light Machine

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Create the most soothing environment for you and your baby !

We are surrounded by so much noise and distractions that can prevent us, our children and babies from enjoying a restful sleep, and we all know the importance of a good night's sleep or a nap for our health and wellbeing.

Our portable 3-In-1 Baby White Noise Machine is specifically designed to help children fall asleep peacefully. made of FDA approved non-toxic, BPA-free highest quality material, it is  durable, light weight and USB rechargeable which helps you create a soothing environment wherever you are .

It has everything you need !

"Bought this one for my daughter, works great and now we all use it after she goes to sleep"

Andrew R.

7 Natural Soothing Sounds

Choose between White Noise, Water Stream, Beach Waves, Rain, Shush, Cat's Purr and Lullaby.

Babies love the White Noise, Shush, Cat's Purr and Lullaby while most parents shared with us that they liked the Water Stream, Beach waves and Rain which makes it loved by the whole family.

Adjustable Soft Light

Perfect for late night feeding as the adjustable soft light helps you create a comforting nursing ambience for you and your baby.

Smart Cry Sensor

Activate the Smart Cry Sensor which starts the unit automatically when the baby starts to cry.
Saving you having to run quickly to sooth your baby.

Rechargeable, Portable and Light Weight

USB Rechargeable which means you don't need to worry about having it plugged into electricity all the time or worry about replacing batteris or having them laying around your little ones.
It's also Light Weight and Portable you can take it with you anywhere to create the same familiar relaxing environment for your baby.


If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, upon returning the product we will reimburse 100% of your money.

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1. Will I need to replace any batteries?
It has a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery, never worry about replacing batteries or batteries being around your baby.
2. Can it run as a Night Light without music or White Noise/Lullaby machine without light?
Yes, with a click of a button you can choose to run it as a night light only without music, or lullaby machine without light or make them work together.
3. Can it run continuously?
Yes, It can run continuously for up to 18 hours on a full charge and you can also activate the Auto Switch-off function which sets up the unit to automatically switch off after 15,30 or 60 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Megan G
Game changer

We have a few different noise and night light options at home but I have really liked the SmileyBubblyBaby. The adjustable brightness of the light makes it perfect for night time feeds so that you can just use the low light setting. My baby loves constant noise so we have it playing all night but I love the timer options too. It's great that it is rechargeable and portable (probably would be better with a clasp to attach it to something), but has really been so handy

Very happy with purchase

Super quick delivery. Great gift for baby shower.

S. Tartak
Great design and functionality!!!

Love this white noise machine!!!!
My daughter is normally not a fan of lullabies to get to sleep but the one that is featured on the Smilelybubblybaby sound machine she absolutely loves! She even hums to it and it completely calms her down.
Love the easy access dimmable light as well.
It has come in so handy when we have had to administer pain relief overnight for aching teeth. It is such a soft glow that is bright enough to see the and draw up the medicine but soft enough not to wake baby too much.
Also great for changing overnight nappies!
Love that when you turn the machine off and on it remembers the previous setting.
It is so portable which is such a great feature and so durable!
Thank you so much for such an amazing product! We will definitely be recommending to all our friends with kids and new parents!!

Abbey Mccasker
Thank you 💕

I am beyond happy with this product.The customer service is outstanding and the packaging with the thankyou card was extra special. My baby has not slept in weeks, thanks to this awesome machine I we both have sleep. It's super soft touch and the different noises to choose from is incredible. Not only does it have a set time or play all night mode it's portable which is even more handy. It's by far the best baby product I have had/seen. I have and will recommend to every parent or parents to be. Thank you again for this incredible machine. Life saver.

Outstanding customer service

Fantastic customer service. Product works well. Good light for night time feeds without being blinding. Love that it’s usb so no batteries. Sounds are great and has calmed my little one for sleep time. Love it’s portable too!