Does A Baby White Noise Machine Work?

Does A Baby White Noise Machine Work?

For new parents like us, adequate and peaceful sleep is more like a dream. Infants keep on waking up throughout the night in their feeding phase. But most babies acquire this midnight waking habit even when they pass their feeding phase. Pediatricians recommend relaxing activities for kids to prepare them to sleep, like warm baths and massage before bedtime. What also was discovered to help sooth and relax your baby to sleep is a baby white noise machine.

When babies come into the world, they become accustomed to background noises. For instance, in the mother's womb, your baby is surrounded by various ambient sounds for nine months. The padding in the uterus creates a low humming sound. So, a baby white noise machine was designed to mimic that, more on that later.

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How does a Baby White Noise Machine work ?

In simple terms it is a sound machine that helps your baby sleep by masking or even blocking all the unwanted background noises.
Background noises that disrupt babies' sleep are unavoidable, think traffic-associated noises in case of city living or neighbor's loud lawn mower or construction noises....etc., those kinds of noises find their way into your living  and sleeping space. A baby sound machine or a white noise machine is made with different inbuilt natural sounds that are capable of masking or blocking those noises while providing a peaceful sleep environment for babies and adults alike.


What to look for in a Baby White Noise Machine ?

These baby sound machines are available in diverse styles . So, you need to be careful while picking the best white noise machine for your baby. It must have all the features that parents would want. Such as multiple natural sounds, automatic shutoff timer, portability, light weight and easy to operate to name a few.

Let's go through some of the features that our Smileybubblybaby Baby White Noise Machine offers :

  • Made of superior quality , soft touch and Food-Grade silicone approved by the FDA which makes it completely safe to use for babies.
  • Features seven natural relaxing and soothing sounds.
  • Effectively masks and blocks undesirable background noises.
  • Equipped with a Smart Cry Sensor technology that activates the machine automatically as soon as the baby starts to cry.
  • It produces soft, calm and dimmable light to comfort your baby in the dark and help you when nursing at night.
  • It comes with an adjustable inbuilt switch off timer that can be easily set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
  • It is portable and lightweight to carry anywhere you go with your baby.
  • It is USB rechargeable, so you never worry about batteries again or the risk of batteries being around your baby.

In summary it is truly 3-in-1 baby white noise machine and nursing light made out of non-toxins, free from any BPA, built with supreme-quality materials, portable, durable and lightweight. It creates a soothing ambiance at home or wherever you travel with your baby.

smileybubblybaby Baby Sleeping Aid


Is a Baby White Noise Machine Safe for Your Little Ones?

White noise is a steady, unobtrusive type of sound that masks all the other noises. it is completely safe from a baby's health perspective. Doctors advise to always keep any noise level below 50 decibels. a good white noise machine will always offer volume control buttons to help you control the intensity of its sound output.

Our baby white noise machine is safer than other alternatives we found in the market which had no volume control. 


The Bottomline

There are multiple baby white noise machines available out there. It is a great tool to help your newborns fall asleep quickly and for a longer duration. These are safe, affordable, and never impact a baby's hearing abilities.

Always make sure that you don't let it run forever. it is not meant to replace your comforting touch and every baby needs to learn to fall asleep on their own when needed. Babies are never good sleepers, and it's a skill that they learn gradually. Use a baby white noise machine as a sleeping aid as it was proved  to help newborns and babies drift gently into sleep faster and masks other noises that stops them enjoying a long restful sleep. 

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